Austin Neighborhoods

First, let’s familiarize you with the boroughs of Austin. Ok, admittedly they don’t measure to the size of NYC boroughs yet, but we’re growing fast! Austin is quickly mutating from ‘weird’ to ‘wired’ with the growth of the tech community and infusion of digitally savvy young professionals. 

Getting to know the neighborhoods will help us find your perfect match as we compare local features with your priorities, whether it be walkability, top-rated schools, quiet charm or any other personal preference.

New to the city? It is helpful to understand how to get around. Austin is bordered by 4 major highways: on the west side Mopac or Hwy 1 runs north-south. On the east is Interstate 35, which runs north to Dallas and south to San Marcos / San Antonio. On the south side Hwy 290 meets with 71, running west-east. On the north side 183 runs west-east until it turns south toward the airport. 

Once you leave the circle, you have north suburbs, as well as Austin area lakes to the west such as Lake Travis and Lake Austin that help keep you cool in the hot Austin summers. The south suburbs take advantage of the many rivers & the Edwards aquifer as their local swimming areas and great parks. Take some time to explore Austin and the various style homes each neighborhood has to offer.